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The process of booking a collection within one week's time couldn't have been smoother; plus, I got an email confirming it the prior day too! As expected, all three items were gone with prompt help from Bow Builders Waste Disposal.

  • Daniel Clark

I would thoroughly recommend Rubbish Removal Bow to anyone looking for a cheap and reliable rubbish removal service. They were so helpful with me and did an outstanding job.

  • Hilda Gregor

I have only just had my waste removal job completed but I had to thank Waste Removal Services Bow for their hard work immediately. They did all the steps in order to safely remove the rubbish from my property. They worked quickly to get the job done and I am very impressed with the results.

  • Becky Ray

I had been meaning to clean out my loft for years but I was always unsure if I would be able to handle it. Carrying goods down a ladder can be dangerous and I was worried I would hurt myself. This problem would be solved though once I discovered Bow Builders Waste Disposal. They can send people to your address to help sort and shift items out of your attic, safety guaranteed. I called them up and before I knew it, my attic was sorted. They had done the job quickly and securely, without a single injury or broken item. I wish I'd known about them sooner.

  • Matt Madsen

I hate clearing my home, and I definitely wasn't ready to tackle the junk and rubbish in my attic. Junk Removal Company Bow took all the stress out of my clearance by getting it all done quickly and efficiently, and I couldn't be more impressed. This is a very professional company that won't break the bank. A job well done!

  • Cara L.

I have five kids at home, all boys. Therefore, an enormous amount of junk is a usual sight at my place. The worst part is the endless amount of broken games/toys. My boys have always made it so tough for me to keep an organized and clean home. Every 6 months I approach RubbishRemovalBow for help, they gladly assist me with junk removal. My home is a beauty when they leave. It's that good. I am a regular customer and would be for the coming years too. I would definitely recommend them.

  • Annabelle S.

I had several shops and recently modernised them and was left with tons of junk and rubbish to clear. I used a local company called RubbishRemovalBow and they were excellent. The service was exceptional, they first arranged a meeting to discuss a price and explain how the rubbish would be reprocessed. As I was happy with the plan and price, I booked a date and before I knew it the rubbish was loaded on the truck on its way. All in all a terrific rubbish removal service.

  • Roger P.

As a landlady I regularly have new tenants in my rental property. Several times I have discovered a lot of possessions left by tenants and I have needed a professional company to get rid of them. Rubbish Removal Bow are brilliant and not expensive. Though it can be a nuisance when tenants leave me with their mess I know that I can totally rely on this excellent company to remove the rubbish at a good cost. They are exceptional and take it away to be used again where needed. They are very competent in every aspect.

  • Nettie P.

After we decorated our new home we were left with a lot of old wallpaper, carpets, tiles and debris to get rid of. We couldn't deal with it ourselves so we hired Office Clearance Company to get rid of it. They were brilliant from the first meeting to give us a price to the actual clearance taking place. We felt good that it would all be reprocessed too.

  • Tasha S.

Wow! What a relief it was to have a clear out and get rid of years of old rubbish that was lying about the house and garden. I was given the name and number of a rubbish clearance company close by called RubbishRemovalBow. They were wonderful from beginning to end, with helpful and competent staff and excellent priced deals.

  • Roland C.

I operated a business from home and my garage was bursting with old items and personnel possessions that were no use to anyone. I decided to hire a professional clearance company to take it away and get rid of it properly. I used Rubbish Removal Bow, and they were great. They were well organised and called first to supply a quote and book a date. The price was extremely fair and before I knew it the rubbish was soon out of my way and on its way to the recycling plant. A really great service done by a team of lovely people!

  • Owen G.

I'm really happy with RubbishRemovalBow. Their waste removal service was just the ticket for my garage, and I was really glad to have such professional, friendly and dependable teams working on my needs. The price was fantastic too, and was much cheaper than the quotes I'd gotten from other local companies! I'd really recommend this service if you have junk or waste that you want getting rid of! This is definitely the company I'll turn to in the future.

  • Gareth G.